My Characters

Original, semi-original and fanmade characters I've made over the years. The majority of them are outdated and no longer used by me, but they still deserve to be acknowledged.


This was my very first "OC" (he was just a little Mega Man sprite recolour anyway) I made back in 2010 for my first DeviantArt account. I named him Jeff after Jeff Andonuts from EarthBound.

There really is nothing special about him. He is normal—an average Joe, if you will—committing mundane actions. You know how some sprite rippers put their persona in sprite sheets they rip? That is what I did with Jeff, although the aforementioned sprites were other edits I made myself and which no longer exist. In a way, he was my first internet alias despite the fact Jeff is not my real name and no one ever actually called me that. Yet, I only ever used him a couple times before ditching him because I made a new account and deleted everything from the first one.

Only recently did I remember him so I properly drew him for the first time ever.

Xenon The Irkenhog

Now, now. I know what you're thinking... this is, as today's youth and Reddit would say... CRINGE!!! Well, I was around 12 when I came up with this motherfucker, so what did you expect? Of course as both Zim and Sonic fan while a kid, I thought it would be the coolest thing ever to mix two of my favourite things into one superb-badass-mischievous-alien-mutant scrimblo-bimblo. The result? Teh Irkenhog!!1!!one!! Creative, I know. I never actually gave him his name "Xenon" until late 2021 when I decided to unearth him, about 11 or 12 years later, for 'Irkenhog' was merely a dumb portmanteau used as sort of an epithet that permanently stuck once I initially failed to come up with a name I liked for him (I didn't wanna call him a generic human name like Bobby or Craig, so).

Oh and not only that, the first image I drew of him (that which you can see on the left) uses a base from someone in DeviantArt. Since it was so long ago, I forgot the username of the person I borrowed it from. Eventually however, I did draw some more pictures of Irkenhog all by myself including a few 'group pics' that consisted of my friends and their "internet personas" at the time, but said drawings may be gone forever as well. The image displayed here also has no quills because I totally forgot about them, but otherwise all other images of him do properly depict him with quills.

Despite being only a Zim-coloured Sonic, it was meant to be a character of its own; the backstory was, as far as I can remember, that he was an Irken experiment of combined Irken and Mobian DNA, and soon after his creation was sent to Mobius the same way other Irken warriors are sent to conquer worlds. There he developed a money obsession kinda like Rouge has with jewels; he was also meant to become the stereotypical anti-Sonic enemy/rival exactly like Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Shadow, Scourge, fan-mades like "Nazo", "Cinos", etc. etc. Very original innit?

Anyway, I didn't do much with it other than use it as an internet persona/RP thingy like I mentioned, and as expected, I eventually realised how bad of a character it was, so I slowly abandoned it.

White Koopa

This is but a simple recolour of a normal Koopa I initially made in 2012. However, conceptually I hadn't seen anyone think of a White Koopa before despite multiple coloured Koopas existing aplenty in Mario lore both canonically and fandom-wise, so I sort of wanted to coin that idea and thus I did a simple edit.

I had also considered giving him a slight update to make him more unique, a la 'Paper Mario party member', but I haven't figured out how yet because I want the white shell to be his main defining characteristic without making him too over-the-top or too different to regular Koopas. Truthfully I might never get around doing that so it will stay as is.